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Thomas Henry McEvoy

Stock Broker & Financial Consultant

I specialize in building up investment portfolios with intelligent and consistent trading strategies.

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Thomas Henry McEvoy

- My Background

I possess extensive expertise gained from collaborating with renowned and esteemed companies within the United States throughout my extensive and rewarding 28-year career, during which I had the privilege of serving six different organizations. I have meticulously managed numerous investment portfolios across diverse financial markets, leading to the development of several trading strategies. These strategies aim to ensure consistent profits while minimizing losses. As a result, I have successfully completed six brokerage qualification exams and obtained brokerage licenses in more than 51 states. I am eagerly looking forward to commencing our collaboration!

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Great Point Capital, LLC

Investment adviser | Stockbroker
2002 - Present (21 Years)

ICBA Securities

Investment adviser | Stockbroker
1998 - 2002 (4years)

Vining Sparks

1996 - 2002 (6 years)

IBAA Securities

1995 - 1996 (1 year)
With 28 Years of Solid Work Experience,
I am Passionate about improving the profit accumulation strategy of your Portfolio.

I offer financial consulting services to clients in need of general financial planning and restructuring. I’ll get to help you set up carefully detailed plans for retirements, mortgages and every other financial-intensive aspect in your life.

With over twenty (20) years working at GREAT POINT CAPITAL, I am fully licensed to give investment advice and offer stock brokerage services to clients trying to be adept in the stock market. I assist my clients with official stock trading and also give out intelligent & substantial advice on stocks to trade with.

With over two decades of experience in the financial industry, I offer you a seasoned perspective on risk management. As your trusted advisor, I prioritize your financial well-being, drawing from years of expertise. I specialize in proactive risk assessment and strategic portfolio protection. Your investments are in the hands of a professional who understands the nuances of market turbulence, ensuring your financial future remains secure and resilient.

As your financial advisor, I introduce you to the world of digital assets. These unique investments offer diversification and the potential for substantial returns. Accessible 24/7, they unlock new opportunities. However, I’ll guide you through the complexities, ensuring compliance with regulations, managing risks, and safeguarding your investments. Trust in my expertise as we embark on this exciting investment journey together.

“Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track.”

– Natasha Munson

Client Reviews


     Software Engineer

Trading stocks with Mr. Thomas has been a winning partnership. His seasoned insights and brokerage services have consistently delivered impressive returns. I trust his expertise to navigate the complex world of stocks.

― Robert S. Komoll

     Creative Designer

These days I’ve to consult Thomas before making any investing decisions. He always has a precise representation of what is happening in real time across various financial markets. He simply excels at what she does.

― Ethan K. Adkins


Mr. Thomas’s financial consultancy has been a beacon of guidance. His expertise and personalized advice have not only secured my financial future but also fueled its growth. I’m grateful for his unwavering support and recommend his consultancy services wholeheartedly.

― Laura Patel

     Marketing Manager

Thomas’s digital asset investment services have exceeded my expectations. With two decades of experience, he’s proven that he’s a leader in this dynamic space. My investments have flourished under his guidance, and I couldn’t be happier.

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